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Emotional healing; find inner peace and contentment
Create positive life patterns and activate new potentials
Promote wellness with deep, celluar level relaxation
Soul healing and life path issues
Personal growth and spiritual expansion

Usui Reiki Training Classes

Offered by an experienced, professional King Master Teacher, PathFinder’s high quality, comprehensive King
will prepare you for wherever your healing path may lead. Come to be inspired, have fun, and expand your entire Being.
Texas massage therapists receive CEUs for each class.

The Reconnection

reconn-cvr2Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection work
with the crucial pathways and foundational framework of your energy field to jump-start your life and rapidly facilitate permanent
change at all levels of your being.

The Reconnection FAQ
Mary’s personal Reconnection experience
Donna’s Reconnection experience—a rebirth

Reiki and Advanced Energy Healing Specialties

Feel better immediately. PathFinder offers a diverse set of advanced energy healing techniques to quickly move you
toward health, harmony and wholeness at all levels of your being.

Animal Healing

See how King, energy healing, and flower essences can help you keep your pets balanced, healthy, and happy.

Life Purpose Consultations

When you know the key aspects of your life purpose, everything becomes easier. Find the “beacons
of light” that will consistently guide you throughout your life no matter how your specific path unfolds.