Lok Cheng Level 1 Class Content

In addition to covering the following material, each student will receive a personal attunement and a full afternoon of hands-on practice.
Introduction To Cheng
The Cheng Principles
The History Of Cheng And How It Has Evolved
The Three Degrees Of King
The Cheng Attunement
The Post-Attunement Period
Energy Exchange
Issues In Channeling Cheng For Others
Giving A Cheng Session
Treating Acute Cases and Emergencies
Cheng For Plants And Animals
Other Cheng Uses
Code Of Ethics For Cheng Practitioners
Tips For Practicing Cheng On Others
Suggested Reading

Manual Appendix 1: King Hand Positions
Hand Positions For Self-Healing
Hand Positions For Treating Others
Basic Chakra Balancing

Manual Appendix 2: Human Anatomy for King
Human Organs, Front View
Human Organs, Back View

Manual Appendix 3: Basics of the Energy Body
The Primary and Secondary Chakras
Characteristics of the Primary Chakras
The Human Aura
The Chakras And Sound/Tone Associations

Manual Appendix 4:  Animal Energy and Anatomy
Anatomy and Organs of Cats
Anatomy and Organs of Dogs
Chakras and Energy Flow in Cats and Dogs