Lok Cheng Level 3 Master Teacher Objectives

Class Content
Class Objectives

By the time you complete Cheng Level 3 Master Teacher you will:

Briefly review the previous Cheng levels and discuss how you have applied these in your life and practice
Discuss the ethics and responsibilities of a Cheng instructor
Discuss considerations in preparing a Cheng class
Know the meaning and purpose of the Level 3 and Master-Teacher symbols and their relationship to the Level 2 symbols
Demonstrate the ability to use the Level 3 symbols
Know the purpose of the hara line, the points on the hara, and their energetic purposes in our lives
Receive the Master-Teacher attunement
Complete advanced practice techniques using Level 3 energy
Make a crystal grid to continuously send Cheng energy
Demonstrate the process for using Cheng to manifest goals and desires
Deonstrate the ability to pass Cheng attunements to others