Mystic, Scientist, Wisdom Teacher

Jude (Stammers) Currivan is a mystic, scientist and wisdom teacher who has directly experienced multi-dimensional realities and guidance throughout her life.  She holds a Masters Degree in Physics from Oxford University, specializing in nuclear and astrophysics, and currently is researching a PhD in Cognitive Archaeology.

During an international business career, from which she gained a global perspective of the world, Jude learned how to merge her intuitive gifts into a practical, grounded approach for managing individual and collective change.  She has worked with, and learned from, the elders and shamans of many indigenous wisdom traditions.  She travels world-wide, sharing her understanding of the map of multi-dimensional consciousness and her vision of a heart-centered transformational shift of individual and collective consciousness.  She focuses on grounding the knowledge and wisdom of cosmic evolution within the practicalities of our individual journeys and our relationship with all Earthly life.

Jude’s teachings continually evolve to reflect her own direct experience, guidance and newly accessed wisdom as it is developed throughout all fields of wholistic science.  Her syllabus incorporates both experientially based learning and a synthesis of ancient and indigenous wisdom teachings from around the world.  Jude teaches:

A model of consciousness as the universally pervasive initiator of multi-dimensional  experience and the creation of realities.  This model synthesizes world-wide metaphysical teachings and the latest research into consciousness and cosmology.  This is readily accessible and focused on practical self-transformation.

Experientially based and heart-centered spiritual technologies for our universal yet unique inner journeys of self discovery, based on perennial wisdom teachings.  She incorporates Ancient Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, and Sufi traditions with those from the indigenous peoples of North and South America, Australasia and Africa.

The metaphysics of Earth energies.  Jude is a master dowser and geomancer.  Her PhD research is focused on the energetic resonances of sacred sites and how these facilitate the experience of altered states of consciousness.  She has led many journeys to sacred sites in North and South America, Africa, China and throughout Britain.