Celebrate Egypt!

Journey along the NileDirectly experience the magic of Khem, and learn its profound wisdom.
Maat: harmonious balanceOsiris: initiatory intention, inner tuition and integration

Isis: nurturing, unconditional love

Horus: farsighted, clear vision

Hathor-Sekhmet: spiritual purpose and creative abundance

Set: transformational courage

Nephthys: inner reflection and gnosis

Anubis: exploratory openness and dedication

Thoth: inner wisdom, re-membering who we really are

Khem, as Egypt was once known, has been a sacred land for more than six thousand years. Its very name was enshrined in the inner transformation we know as alchemy.The land of Khem resonates with the energies of the Neteru, the great archetypes of Osiris, Isis, Horus, Hathor-Sekhmet, Set, Nephthys, Anubis, Maat and Thoth.

As we explore their sacred places we will offer ourselves the opportunity to harmonise and balance their beneficent energies within ourselves.

Maat, the cosmic principle of harmony and balance, is at the heart of Ancient Egyptian teachings.Each archetypal Neteru, with whose energies we will connect, embodies the following quality:
The journey begins with special private access within the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx enclosure, followed by exploration of the entire length of Egypt from Abu Simbel to Cairo.