Max, The Ancient Crystal Skull

Max, The
Ancient Crystal Skull

Visiting Austin,
Texas December 12-14, 2003

A Gateway To Our Higher
Max, a huge,
quartz crystal skull, is considered by many, including the British
Museum, to be one of the rarest artifacts on planet Earth.

Max is the largest of the 13 crystal
skulls known to man, and was featured in a BBC documentary on
crystal skulls.

Estimated to be at least 10,000
years old, much older than the Pyramids, Max’s origin remains a
mystery. Who created him? Where did he come from?

It is believed that Max was carved
from a 50 lb. rock of quartz and rubbed down to a final 18 lbs. Many sensitives who have been in his presence feel that he was
used by ancient civilizations. Others have touched the skull and
described unusual experiences, including instantaneous healing,
visions, experiences of interesting sounds, and expanded intuitive

Max is a tool for awakening
consciousness and accelerating healing and growth on all
levels. Each person receives what he or she needs from Max.

Norbu Chen, a powerful healer in the
Tibetan Sect of Red Hat Lamas, received the skull from his work
with Mayan healers.

He later traveled to Houston, Texas,
where he stared a healing center, the Chakpori Ling Foundation. At
this time he met JoAnn Parks, who worked with him until he died in
1980. JoAnn is now the guardian of Max and lectures worldwide to
share Max and the consciousness he brings.

Contact for Reservations
Nancy Grace Howard

Info on Crystal Skulls

Lecture Session With
JoAnn Parks and Max

December 12
7-9 pm
Reservations Required
Limited to the first 25 people to register

30-Minute Personal Sessions with Max

December 12-14
$50: Individual Sessions
$30 per person: Groups of 2-4 people
Reservations and pre-payment required