Important News for Massage Therapists

According to staff at the Texas Department of Health, there have been some major changes to the rules governing continuing education requirements for massage therapists. Apparently, for a class to be accepted for CE, the content now must involve the manipulation of soft tissue.
I was told in a phone call from TDH that classes in energy work and Reflexology will no longer be accepted. It is unclear what else may be excluded under the new rules.
Unfortunately, due to this change, PathFinder can no longer grant CE credits for classes in Reiki and energy related techniques and therapies.
During this transitional period, it is recommended that you call the massage therapy registration office to assure that the classes of previously approved providers are still approved and that the classes you select will meet your requirements under the new rules.
PathFinder classes will continue to be offered without CE credit and can greatly enhance your practice of massage therapy and bodywork.
Enhance your life and practice through the wonders of life force energy!

Why Should Massage Therapists Know About Energy?

Do you ever feel unexplained pain or depression after working on a client?

Do you ever end your work day exhausted with unexplained aches and pains?

Do you start the day feeling great, then realize after working for awhile that your emotional state is very different than it began?

As a massage therapist, you are deeply entrenched in the energy fields of your clients every day. Many of them come to you stressed, full of pain, or emotionally unbalanced.

As you provide them with relief, you are highly susceptible to bringing their imbalances into your own field of energy.

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, you should know that this most likely is not yours at all. You have absorbed it from your clients as your bodywork released their unbalanced energy.

KingĀ and other energetic techniques offer the easiest and fastest way to clear your space and protect yourself at any time.