What Is Three Heart Balancing?

Based on the Polynesian philosophy that “God is rhythm”, Three Heart Balancing uses activation of “the Wave” to awaken the body’s internal healer.

Composed of all of the body’s rhythms, the Wave brings the body into a harmony that helps it move toward health instead of disease.

Heart Balancing

The Wave can be accessed via any rhythm: heartbeat, breath, peristaltic rhythms of the stomach, or cranio-sacral rhythms of the nervous system.

When the body needs to release something, it hurts. The Wave’s vibrating, pulsating action moves pain into a pattern of wholeness and openness. We become open to healing and to new ways of functioning, maybe even new ways of being.

The Wave’s action is ruthless at helping the body remove blocks, physical scar tissue, old infections, and emotional memories that limit our functioning and create disease.

What Skills Are Needed?
The only skills needed are the desire to help, good intentions, and the willingness to at least imagine that the higher powers ruling the universe are your partners.