Energy Therapy Sessions


Energy sessions are done with you lying fully clothed in a comfortable, relaxed position on a massage table.

An environment has been created in which you can feel fully supported and comforted to totally release all of your worries and cares.

As you rest in a womb of loving life-force energy, you may feel a number of sensations such as warmth, tingling, lightness, or drowsiness.

Those who slip into a deep meditative state may see colors, experience visual or mental images, or receive new clarity on situations or life experiences.

Regardless of your personal experience, you will feel relaxed and more balanced at the end of each session.

Not sure which option to choose? Call 713-154-2185 and Mary will be glad to assist you.

King and Three Heart Balancing

Reconnective Healing® and Advanced Work

*The Reconnection

*The Reconnection is a 2-session process that is done 1 time only, ideally on consecutive days. The $333 includes both sessions of the process.

Debit & credit card processing is NOT available at the office. Please bring cash or a check. If you need to use a debit or credit card, you must pay online with PayPal before your session.


Stress and pain
Relieve fear, anxiety, and emotional distress
Facilitate mental clarity and focus
Accelerate healing and recovery from medical procedures, trauma or injury
Boost your immune system to maintain good health
Strengthen your body’s self-healing ability
Clear unwanted habits or life patterns at the core levels
Maintain your balance and well-being
Integrate energy shifts from personal growth work
A “must” when surgery or invasive medical procedures are needed