Chakra Balancing Tune-up


  • Great when you’re too busy for a full session
  • Take a regular lunch hour stress break to maintain peace and calm
  • Helps body workers and therapists stay clear and balanced
  • Clears you of the impact of the energies and emotions of those around you
  • Makes a wonderful gift for friends and loved ones

The basic energy “tune-up” is a short, but very effective way for busy people to maintain life balance.This 30-minute session focuses on clearing and balancing the entire body and being from head to toe. Leaves you feeling cleansed, centered, relaxed, and balanced.This session not only makes a great gift, but is a great introduction for those new to energy work.Regular sessions will help you maintain balance and clarity with a small investment of time and money.

Basic 30-minute tune-up sessions, $35

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