An Introduction To Energy Healing Therapies

by Mary Lewis

Energy related modalities include a diverse array of techniques ranging from healing touch to a variety of interactive mind-body explorations.

All energy related modalities work from a fundamental concept that the body contains, and is surrounded by, electromagnetic fields and energy centers which make up an individual’s energy body system.

Although this energy body is no more visible to many of us than the wind is visible to our eyes, science and medical research are beginning to document that it is an integral part of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

We are able to maintain life in our physical bodies due to the presence of “life force energy” flowing though it. This energy has different names in different cultural traditions. Common terms include chi (China); ki (Japan) and prana (India).

Each of our energy centers correspond directly to the physical body’s organs, glands and systems. The extent to which our energy is able to vibrate, flow and circulate freely without blocks and constrictions determines to a large degree the extent to which we are able to maintain health at all levels of body, mind and spirit.

An abundance of medical research has determined that stress greatly affects the body’s natural ability to maintain health.

The American Institute of Stress estimates that 75%-90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress related complaints, and that 43% of all adults suffer adverse health effects due to stress.

Stress also is a major factor in the strength and flow of our life force energy. Effects of the stressful conditions we encounter in our lives and environment such as fear and anxiety, worry, grief, anger, pollutants, etc. are registered first in our energy body system. If uncontrolled, they then move into the physical body and may manifest in conditions ranging from minor ailments to debilitating or chronic disease.

Energy healing modalities are excellent for working with physical body conditions. Even more importantly, they serve as a great preventative to clear energetic disturbances before they manifest as physical, emotional or mental illness.

Energy bodywork, like most holistic therapies, is cumulative. An initial period of regular sessions build on each other and can help us quickly reach a point where our bodies and energy fields can more easily maintain balanced states for longer periods of time.

Healing Touch
Healing Touch was developed by Janet Mentgen, RN, BSN of Denver, Colorado, who combined information and techniques from several sources into a formal international program of energy healing.

Today, Healing Touch is used in traditional hospitals by thousands of nurses and medical teams in most major U.S. cities. An increasing number of research studies are being conducted in U.S. hospitals and universities documenting the efficacy of energetic healing touch for a variety of mental, emotional and physical conditions.

This modality facilitates positive changes in the body’s chemical balances and physiological function by using light touch to stimulate the body’s biomagnetic fields.

The origins of King, pronounced “ray-key”, the Japanese word for universal life force energy, can be traced back thousands of years to ancient Tibet.

Much of the Western teachings of King, however, come from the work of Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan who discovered this technique during a fasting/meditation retreat. The method he developed is known today as Usui King.

King is applied through gentle touch over the body’s energy centers. It facilitates the body’s ability to heal itself by removing blocks and balancing the body’s energy system. This process provides deep relaxation, a sense of peace and well-being and supports other therapeutic modalities.

Reiki is an effective and safe complement to any other healing method a person may be using. It is becoming much more common to find Reiki incorporated as an enhancement to other modalities such as massage therapy, chiropractic, psychology, hypnotherapy, and in major U.S. hospitals.

In addition to providing general well-being and disease prevention, some conditions for which Healing Touch and Reiki have been used as complementary therapy include:

Neck Pain and Back Pain
Anxiety and Panic Disorder
Fracture and Wound Healing
Female Reproductive Conditions
Sleep Disorders
Mood Swings
Skin Problems
Pre and Post Surgery
Headache & Migraines
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Autoimmune Disorders

For a very nice beginning introduction to Reiki, I highly recommend Walter Lubeck’s book, The Complete King Handbook. This was the first book I ever read about Reiki, and I still find myself looking at it from time to time.

Flower Essences
In the 1930’s, homeopathic physician, Dr. Edward Bach of England, discovered that overall health, emotional stability and well-being could be improved through use of the essences of specific flowering plants.

Through many years of research he discovered corresponding links between medical conditions and psychological or mood states. Flower remedies balance vibrations in the body’s energy system and open energy channels to help transform emotional states, attitudes, or patterns of behavior which hinder our wholeness and development of our full potential.

Today there are several varieties of flower essence products developed from the basis of Dr. Bach’s original work. Two of the most widely known and researched include the FES Essences produced by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz at the Flower Essence Society of North America and the Perelandra Essences produced by Machaelle Small Wright at the Perelandra Center for Nature Research.

Flower remedies can help combat stressful, chaotic times; balance the energy centers; dispel and prevent retention and storage of trauma in the body, mind and emotions; provide excellent overall support during times of change or spiritual expansion; and safely complement all therapeutic modalities.

They can be taken orally under the tongue, placed in a glass of drinking water, used in a relaxing bath, applied topically, or blended in a dosage bottle for extended use.

If you’re a “do it yourself” kind of person, or just want learn more about flower remedies and how they are used, I highly recommend Bach Flower Therapy: Theory and Practice by Mechthild Scheffer.

To better understand both the Bach essences and the FES line, you may want to order the Flower Essence Repertory. Written By Patricia Kaminski, a founder of the Flower Essence Society of North America, this definitely is the “bible” work for those seriously interested in flower essence use and practice.

Access Energy Transformation
Access is a relatively new modality developed by Gary Douglas of Santa Barbara, CA. It is a powerful technique that can create profound change at many levels by gently removing deep-seated energy blocks, and unwanted life patterns.

Access is very versatile and can be applied in a variety of ways as well as combined with other types of therapy sessions.

At the Foundation Level, Access is applied through gentle touch of points on the head, referred to as “bars”, and through a hands-on process to clear cellular memory throughout the whole body.

When energy flow is stimulated through the bars on the head, mental or emotional blocks and years of accumulated trauma, stress, thoughts, and belief systems that we have stored there are released and dissolved.

When these energy disturbances are cleared we are freed to live with fewer limitations and distress, and to more easily maintain health at all levels. Some of the bars which correspond to the various aspects of our lives include:

Peace & Calm
Sadness & Joy
Form & Structure
Hopes & Dreams
Body & Sexuality

The cellular memory approach works in a similar manner, but focuses on stimulation of the energy flow through specific organs, glands and systems of the whole body.

At the Foundation level, Access feels similar to other therapeutic touch modalities and can create profound states of relaxation and feelings of well-being.

At the advanced levels, the Access process ranges from clearing specific energy “programs” at their points of creation to a free-form session that may combine bars, cellular memory, program clearing, and energy bodywork.

Access can quickly facilitate profound changes and spiritual expansion for those who are open and ready for this process.

Three Heart Balancing
Three Heart Balancing is another relatively new energy modality developed by Jaentra Green Gardener and a team of her friends in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Jaentra’s personal journey involved coping with the challenges of self-healing after being told by her doctors in 1977 that she was certain to die from MS within 2-10 years. After nearly 20 years of intense work with many different types of holistic approaches that eventually restored her health, Jaentra set out to discover a faster method of helping others cope with chronic and debilitating health conditions. This new journey led her to the development of Three Heart Balancing.

Based on the Polynesian philosophy that “God is rhythm”, Three Heart Balancing uses activation of “the Wave” to awaken the body’s internal healer. Composed of all of the body’s rhythms, the Wave brings the body into a harmony that helps it move toward health instead of disease.

Jaentra discovered that all illnesses fall within at least one of seven “scar tissue maps” which hold the memories, patterns and imprints from which we create disease and death. Activation of the wave, combined with various methods of hands-on work, begins the process of balancing the gravitational fields of the body and removal of scar tissue patterns and imprints.

The process involves: activation of the body’s internal healer (the Wave); activating the nodal points to stimulate production of healing neuropeptides; releasing the memories and energy of accidents and injuries; location and removal of blocks, memories and patterns within the various scar tissue maps; removal of twisted energies which impact behavior characteristic and thought patterns that contribute to the creation of disease.