Energy For Transformation

access_bars_smallAccess was developed by Gary Douglas of Santa Barbara, CA. It is a powerful technique that can create profound change at many levels by gently removing deep-seated energy blocks, and unwanted life patterns.

Access is very versatile and can be applied in a variety of ways as well as combined with other types of therapy sessions.

At the Foundation Level, Access is applied through gentle touch of points on the head, referred to as “bars”, and through a hands-on process to clear cellular memory throughout the whole body.

When energy flow is stimulated through the bars on the head, mental or emotional blocks and years of accumulated trauma, stress, thoughts, and belief systems that we have stored there are released and dissolved.

When these energy disturbances are cleared we are freed to live with fewer limitations and distress, and to more easily maintain health at all levels. Some of the bars which correspond to the various aspects of our lives include:

Peace & Calm
Sadness & Joy
Form & Structure
Hopes & Dreams
Body & Sexuality

The cellular memory approach works in a similar manner, but focuses on stimulation of the energy flow through specific organs, glands and systems of the whole body.

At the Foundation level, Access feels similar to other therapeutic touch modalities and can create profound states of relaxation and feelings of well-being.

At the advanced levels, the Access process ranges from clearing specific energy “programs” at their points of creation to a free-form session that may combine bars, cellular memory, program clearing, and energy bodywork.

Access can quickly facilitate profound changes and spiritual expansion for those who are open and ready for this process.