About Three Heart Balancing


Three Heart Balancing is another relatively new energy modality developed in the early 1990s by Jaentra Green Gardener and a team of her friends in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Jaentra’s personal journey involved coping with the challenges of self-healing after being told by her doctors in 1977 that she was certain to die from MS within 2-10 years. After nearly 20 years of intense work with many different types of holistic approaches that eventually restored her health, Jaentra set out to discover a faster method of helping others cope with chronic and debilitating health conditions. This new journey led her to the development of Three Heart Balancing.

Based on the Polynesian philosophy that “God is rhythm”, Three Heart Balancing uses activation of “the Wave” to awaken the body’s internal healer. Composed of all of the body’s rhythms, the Wave brings the body into a harmony that helps it move toward health instead of disease.

Jaentra discovered that all illnesses fall within at least one of seven “scar tissue maps” which hold the memories, patterns and imprints from which we create disease and death. Activation of the Wave, combined with various methods of hands-on work, begins the process of balancing the gravitational fields of the body and removal of scar tissue patterns and imprints.

The process involves: activation of the body’s internal healer (the Wave); activating the nodal points to stimulate production of healing neuropeptides; releasing and clearing the energetic memories of accidents and injuries; location and removal of blocks, memories and patterns within the scar tissue maps in various areas of the body; and removal of twisted energies which impact behavioral characteristics and thought patterns that contribute to the creation of disease.