PathFinder Distance Sessions

no_shortcuts_text_72805 PathFinder’s approach gives you the same personal feedback, consultation and education you would receive in the office.

yes_it_works_text_72805Energy work, whether conducted in person or by distance, works through our psychic, interpersonal connection with the One universal energy field, or God-Source, from which we all originate.

This is the realm of our spirit, where we all are One. It is the energetic “us” as we exist outside the physical dimensions of time and space.

Although some are skeptical at first, distance sessions DO work just as effectively as those conducted in person.

distance_graphicFind balance and harmony through energy sessions no matter where you are

Get your session in the comfort and privacy of your own home.Receive a session if you are too ill to travel to the office–a time when you need it most!

Overcome the barriers of accessing therapeutic choices in small communities and remote areas.

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