What Clients and Students Are Saying

clapping_handsAbout Mary’s Energy Sessions

“You are so awesome. I am so thrilled to have found you!! You have given me an understanding that peace is truly a state of mind and spirit, and that I can find it – no matter the hurdles. I can already sense what a big impact this is going to have on this stage of my life. I understand with greater clarity that this is about me…learning, acknowledging and loving…me. No other relationship will ever matter more than the relationship I have with God…and myself. So…thank you…thank you…thank you. You are a blessing.”
Kim M, Austin, TX
“All the work we have done had major effects. I haven’t had a cold, the flu, bronchitis or pneumonia this year, and no sinus infections. Given what last year was like, I like this much better!”
Titus M,Austin, TX
“Working with Mary on an individual basis proved to be one of the most significant periods of growth I have experienced. The quality of our dialogues and our energy work together allowed me to move through many deep-seated blocks, difficult releases, and rocky transitions. She provided a fruitful and nurturing foundation from which I began to really trust my Self. She has the power to move energy dramatically, and the open-heartedness to do so with great care and compassion. Mary’s ability to combine these qualities with deep listening and awareness, I believe, contributes to her success as a gifted and superior healer.”
James M, Austin, TX

“I feel wonderful after meeting with you. The King session was amazing. I felt different emotionally and spiritually after it. I now feel like I’m able to push out all of the negative energy and continue without feeling tension. I don’t have that blocked feeling. I feel so in the moment.”
Ivan R, Smithville, TX

“As Mary and I have worked together, I feel more and more like we are a team working toward my growth and healing. Recently I underwent surgery and had resigned myself to having to live with the pain during the recovery period. I was wrong! Mary did a “pain drain”  technique that gave me instant relief, greatly decreasing my pain, and helped accelerate my healing! Add to this her compassion and conscientiousness, and she takes energy work to a whole new level!”
Marie C,
Austin, TX

“Mary’s work is deep and real. I feel shifts during and after the work, both in my physical body and in my life. She has a real gift which can help you, if you let it.”
Bastrop, TX

“When I first went to Mary, I was at my wits’ end. I had been working for years to heal chronic pain, but every time I made some progress, I’d fall back again. I had received a lot of well-meant but unworkable advice and tried a lot of ineffective, or minimally helpful, approaches. Mary listened first, and didn’t push her own “patented brand of cure-all” as so many others had done. The first energy session I had with her calmed me down and eased the pain considerably. After getting to know me better, she recommended another therapy and therapist that, in conjunction with her work, helped more in 6 months than anything I had done for the previous four years. I continue to see Mary, and she continues to help me figure out what I need to do next.”
Ruth D, Austin, TX

“I believe my session went a long way towards freeing up the blockage I sensed in my abdominal area.  My usual experience of abdominal cramping at least once every two days has been nonexistent this week. Also, I have experienced a renewed sense of faith in myself as an intuitive person who is capable of  “connecting” to the spiritual energy in and all around me.”
Richard T., Kyle, TX

About Mary’s Classes

“I am deeply grateful for having had the opportunity to learn from you and to receive my attunement from you. You placed in my hands an energy tool that I have been reaching for all my life, and am finally ready to work with. The more I use it, the more amazed and humbled I am by King’s transformational power. You weren’t kidding–King DOES change lives, and for the better!”
Laura Shaw, Austin, Texas
“I have found King to be a very powerful modality in my massage practice. I use it in almost every session, and feel that it has added a new dimension to my work. King has also been a deeply influential therapy for my own healing and emotional/spiritual growth.”
Tara White, Austin, TX
“Mary gave me a very positive and encouraging start as a King practitioner. I have since recommended her to others looking for a King teacher.”
P.S., Austin, TX
“The training materials Mary created for the King 1 and 2 workshops are excellent! She has developed  comprehensive, high quality user friendly manuals from a wide range of sources and materials. They have proven to be valuable resources in helping me enhance my skills and integrate King into my massage practice.”
Ricardo L, Austin, TX

“I was originally attracted to take King classes with Mary because of the integrity she emanates as a practitioner. Her integrity as a healer shines through all the practices and energies with which she engages. In King classes, she maintains the delicate balance between guiding skillfully and inviting you to learn most deeply through your own experience. She teaches by example, trusting the inner wisdom of her students, while holding the space for their transformation and discovery.”
Robert M, Austin, TX
“I just wanted to thank you for a great day and a wonderful experience. I am already using what I have learned [in the Master Practitioner class] and notice a big difference. It was fun working with you.”
Christine, Georgetown, TX
“Thank you so much for our Level I class yesterday. We already have dramatic changes–mostly a lot of peace and centeredness. I have more confidence with it now. You have made a great change in our lives that we will always be thankful for.”
Mary, Austin, TX
“King has opened up new vistas, new internal landscapes of healing and self-realization. Doing so has been immensely healing and I’m a fundamentally happier, more confident, more forgiving person. Carrie, you have blessed my life and I am deeply grateful.”
K.L., Austin, TX