about_wolfMary Lewis is PathFinder, a name derived from the spirit of the Wolf. In certain Native American lore, “Wolf” is the “PathFinder”. “Wolf medicine” represents protection, loyalty, and sharing new ideas from a deep level of intuition, spiritual wisdom and universal truth.

In conjunction with energy healing sessions, flower essence consultations, King classes, and life purpose analysis, my practice focuses on sharing knowledge and experience to help you, as an individual, find your own unique gifts, inner wisdom, life purpose, and self-healing abilities.

At the beginning of my search for balance and wholeness, the many choices of modalities and therapists was overwhelming. I soon discovered that there are many valid pathways to health, spiritual enlightenment, and achievement of our goals.

I learned that a variety of approaches at different stages of our life path is required to most effectively facilitate full balance and wholeness. This led me to study a wide range of complementary modalities to facilitate optimum results for each individual’s unique needs in the moment.

My history of professional work with conventional allopathic medicine, along with the wide variety of holistic therapies I use on my continuing personal journey, have created a broad and balanced approach that honors all individuals and all pathways.

Although I thought I was giving it up in 1979, I also found that teaching is a core part of my essential Being and life purpose. I am most joyful when I can see the wisdom gained from my work and challenges put to use toward each individual’s transformation to health, freedom, and abundance.

Many Blessings,Mary

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