Our animals are just as susceptible to the stresses of daily life as we are

dog-puppyThey live in toxic city environments.They absorb our emotional distress.They take on our pain and illnesses to protect us.

They accumulate cellular memory of trauma, fear, and injuries.

Much of what we think of as behavioral problems can be corrected when balance is maintained in their lives.

Flower remedies and energy work with Reiki or Reconnective Healing can help your animal friends with this process.


ropa funny cat-2919036

Thanks to my good friend, Klark Born, who has the most photogenic animals that ever appeared before a camera!


The initial intake includes discussion and evaluation, energy work, and flower remedies for your animal as appropriate.

Depending on the situation, follow-up care may range from additional energy work to simply refilling a flower remedy blend.

Because animals may be unpredictable in the amount of time they take, charges for follow-up visits are adjusted by the time required.

Depending on the situation, care may be done in your home or at the PathFinder office.

Intake Session:

Follow-Up Sessions:

Additional charges may apply for outcalls, depending upon distance and location.

Debit & credit card processing is not available for some animal services