Energy Healing for Animals

Maya’s Story


In the spring of 1999, Maya’s soul clearly contacted me from the Austin Humane Society.

I had set my intent for a calico kitten who would be a lap cat and love to sleep with me at night. In meditation, I asked to be shown the kitten that was for me. I received a very vivid picture of a calico cat with large orange, white, and black patches. However, I was a bit surprised that, although quite young, this cat was not a kitten.

Still set on a kitten, I then asked my inner guidance where I could find this new companion. This led me to the Austin Humane Society where they informed me that no kittens were available. I was a bit puzzled at this, but still agreed to look at the many cats they had.

Maya with her best friend


Much to my amazement, in the very last cage, I saw Maya. She was a year old and the exact replica of my vision. I knew she was “the cat”, but again was surprised to learn that she was a very fearful rescued feral—not the cuddly lap cat I had mentally constructed for myself! But I knew her spirit had called to me, and I knew I could help her with flower remedies and energy work, so I adopted her.

Thus began our short but valuable journey together.

In a short time, Maya taught me many things about the animal spirit, about our animals’ roles in our lives, and about healing. She overcame many of her fears, but not until I had first conquered many of mine. She was never a lap cat, but she was always near me. She did sleep with me at night, but not until I learned to accept her as she was.

When Maya was three years old, she suddenly developed an autoimmune disorder that quickly took her physical life. During this struggle she taught me many things about animal healing and how to honor death as a part of life.

Maya is always with me. I feel her support when I face my greatest challenges, and I feel her share my greatest joys of accomplishment.

What Maya Taught Me
  • Our animal companions choose us. As with all relationships in our lives, we are spiritually linked for many reasons.
  • Our animals always love us, but we must allow them to express this in their own ways.
  • Our animal companions have their own life purposes, paths and destinies just as we humans do.
  • Our animal friends can help us meet challenges; they teach us about ourselves and life if we open to receive.
  • To most effectively help others, we must meet our own challenges and heal ourselves first.
  • Our animals know what they need and will tell us. We must honor them even when the choices are difficult.
  • Our animals will struggle to live for our sake even when they would rather go.
  • There is a time to be strong, and a time to surrender and let go.
  • Physical death is not the end. Those we have lost are always with us.