What Maya Taught Me


Our animal companions choose us. As with all relationships in our life, we are spiritually linked for many reasons.
Our animals always love us, but we must allow them to express this in their own ways.
Our animal companions have their own life purposes, paths and destinies just as we humans do.
Our animal friends can help us meet challenges, and they teach us much about ourselves and life if we open our awareness to receive.
We must meet our own challenges and heal ourselves before we can attempt to heal others of what we have not yet mastered.
Our animals know what they need and will tell us if we listen. We must honor them even when the choices are difficult.
Our animals will struggle to live for our sake even when they would rather go.
There is a time to be strong, and a time to surrender and let go.
Physical death is not the end. Those we have lost are always with us.