Reiki Articles

 How To Find A Reiki Teacher

Those of us fortunate enough to live in areas with large, active holistic communities usually are blessed with many choices of Reiki teachers. There truly is someone for everyone. So many choices, however, can sometimes make it more difficult to compare the differences and make a wise decision. This article offers many tips and perspectives that may help you find the most appropriate teacher for you. more

How To Teach A Reiki Class

While a quality Reiki Master Teacher class will provide the basic tools for you to become a successful Reiki instructor, no one is fully prepared to teach immediately after completion of their certification. Preparing a quality class involves thought, inner guidance, preparation, and often, personal growth work, in the interim. more

Energy Healing Articles

A Story of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection

We have an energetic blueprint that holds the essence of our Being in its divine perfection. While we never are separated completely from this perfect self, our patterning, experiences, and circumstances create “wear and tear”. Life, stress, and the states of our body, mind and emotions fray our energetic circuitry, disrupt our flow and connections, and shake the solidity of our foundation. We no longer have clarity of purpose; our bodies rebel; and our minds and emotions run amok. more

Healing Animals From Surgery

Energy therapy is an amazing way to help our animals when they need to undergo surgery and invasive medical procedures. Even when things go well or the procedure is “routine”, the body registers the experience as trauma. The memory of this is stored and imprinted in the body’s energetic patterns and can later create personality changes, behavioral problems or illness. more

Una’s Musings

God, Sibby, and A Slow Car To Texas

Sibby wanted to get to Texas. All day she dreamed of it, wished for it, asked for it and even begged for it. More than a life’s ambition, it was many ways her sole reason for the continuance of life. She gave it a voice through her constant planning, until one day He arrived. more


Last night, in the wee hours between night and day break, I was in jeopardy of losing it. Pacing. Wringing my hands. Anxiety had me in its vice-like grip and I was struggling for air. more

Self Growth

Finding Your Life Purpose

Picture yourself at the typical party, meeting or gathering where you have the opportunity to meet someone new. Besides your name, what is the first thing asked? Isn’t it usually something like “What do you do?”

Such a nebulous and open question, really. Yet somehow we have all evolved to translate this into “What kind of work are you in?” Or “What is your job?” We have become so accustomed to this that we have learned to define ourselves by our line of work—or the lack thereof. And our self-esteem actually gets all tangled up in how well we perceive others as valuing that work. Have you ever stopped to think how limiting that is?

Now think about this one: What would you say if the first or second question typically asked was “What is your purpose in life?” Would you have an answer before the party ended? If most of us really knew, how could that change our lives and how we relate to each other?

So, how do we find our life purpose? The following may offer some helpful starting points.