God, Sibby, and A Slow Car To Texas

by Una A. Slater

Sibby wanted to get to Texas.

All day she dreamed of it, wished for it, asked for it and even begged for it. More than a life’s ambition, it was many ways her sole reason for the continuance of life. She gave it a voice through her constant planning, until one day He arrived.

There was a brief exchange between them, Sibby explaining all the things she would and could do once she was there, God quietly nodding and leading her tenderly by the elbow to the car. There was a smile briefly shared between them before Sibby turned and waved goodbye to her friends and family.

And so began their journey. Sibby full of excited plans and youthful exuberance, God quietly smiling and acknowledging her passion for this quest.

The road seemed right at first. Sibby gazed out of the window, perfectly content to let God steer. Trees, interstate and random cars all headed quickly somewhere seemed to provide the perfect backdrop for her day dreams. Sibby trusted the journey, because the journey made sense.

That was, until she saw the sign for Gloucester on I-95. Sibby sat upright with a panic in the small of her stomach. They were headed toward Boston. North, and going more north. Shouldn’t they have been headed South? She glanced nervously at God, who was whistling and driving along without a care.


God glanced over. “Yes child?”

Sibby quickly scanned his lap, and the rest between them for a map. Not noticing one, she cleared her throat and smiled politely.

“It appears we’re going North…like…we’re going to…New York…or Canada. I don’t mean to be rude but, shouldn’t we be going South?” she asked.

God raised an eyebrow and scanned the roadway in front of them. “Not according to my map. We’ll be there soon enough.”

Sibby sat back with an anxious sigh. What map? She saw no map. Thinking better of adding another query, she turned her head to the window and pressed her forehead to the glass. Perhaps He did know what He was doing.

They rode along in silence. The more God drove, the farther North they went, the more panicked Sibby became. As her dreams seemed to resemble tiny ants in the rear view mirror, her panic turned to anger.

What was she doing in this car? Why did she just assume God knew the way without…well…checking His credentials? How many times had He done this drive to Texas? Perhaps He was looking at the “so-called” map upside down? She simmered. This was a mistake. All a mistake. And now she was losing precious time. She plotted her way through an escape route as they pulled into a gas station just 15 miles outside of Boston.

As God filled the tank, Sibby made her getaway. Scrambling across the highway, taking her life in her own hands, Sibby stomped down the road looking for a car to help her along. She settled for a slightly alarming looking, but reasonable sounding older gentleman in what looked to be a reliable vehicle.

He was going the right way, at least by her book. His car was headed southwest, and that was all she needed to hear—because she knew enough to know that path was the logical one to her destination.

Hours later, as she sat on a dark empty road with a little more aggravation and a lot less money – she felt like a fool. Her reliable transportation had turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A faux hero. And now she was facing the right way, but getting nowhere. She buried her head in her arms, and cried. No closer to her dream. A heart full of hope, but lacking in something else, she wondered what she had done to wind up so lost.

“You left the car.” She heard His voice say.

Sibby raised her head. There was God, in His vehicle, the passenger door opened and awaiting her.


God shook His head. “Say nothing. There’s nothing to say. Get in child.”

Sibby slid into the car beside him, shame burning her face. For several moments, she let her shame hold her tongue. She wanted to ask why they started on the road to Boston. The only reason she jumped from the car, was because it was obvious that He was taking her in the wrong direction.

“And how would you know the correct roads, if you’re not using the map?” God answered her silent query. “You asked me to take you to Texas. You did not ask me to show you how we would get there.”

Sibby struggled to find her voice amid her own embarrassment. “I know. I just…I figured it would make more sense to go…well…my way.” She hung her head.

“Based on what expertise?” He asked.

Sibby sat back and sighed. “None. Based on none.” She realized then why they had to drive to Boston first. She had to pick up her most important item for the journey—Faith.

About the Author

Una Slater is full-time Marketing Director for a Recruitment Software company and an aspiring freelance writer. She currently is working on the completion of her first novel.She has been published professionally as a columnist reviewing trends in her industry, and conducts workshops on effective marketing in recruitment while continuing to expand her fascination with contemporary fiction as her career permits.

Originally from Philadelphia, Una is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. She currently resides in South Austin, Texas with her dog, Mecca, and a big appetite for personal adventure.