Lok Cheng Master

Prerequisites: Lok Cheng Levels 1 and 2

The Cheng Master (Level 3) Process

This class includes all Cheng Master material except for training to teach Reiki. If you want to be certified to teach Cheng, you must register for the Master Teacher class instead.The practitioner and teacher levels are held together. If a class contains students from both levels, the practitioner students will leave at the end of the common content, while the teacher level students stay to complete the additional training for Cheng teacher certification.

Each student will receive a personal attunement, comprehensive King manual, and a Cheng Master Practitioner certificate.Texas massage therapists receive 7 hrs of massage therapy continuing education credit.

This class is not a prerequisite for the Master Teacher level. It is simply a lower cost option for those who would like Cheng Master skills but have no desire to teach it.

If you take this class and later want to teach, you can take the Master Teacher class later and pay only the difference between the two class fees.

Cheng Master Practitioner Class Content
  • Introduction To The Cheng Master Level
  • The Third Degree Cheng Power Symbol
  • The Antahkarana Symbol
  • The Hara Line
  • The Microcosmic Orbit
  • Healing Through The Microcosmic Orbit
  • Cheng Empowerment Meditation
  • Working With The Hara Line
  • Healing at the Core Energy & Soul Levels
  • Cheng Crystal Grid To Send King 24/7
  • Using Cheng To Manifest Goals
  • Using Cheng To Improve Situations