Lok Cheng Level 1

In addition to covering the following material, each student will receive a personal attunement, comprehensive Cheng manual, afternoon of individualized hands-on practice, and a Level 1 Cheng practitioner certificate. Hands-on practice with a dog varies. Some classes have a “class dog” and some do not, depending on availability and student preferences for the specific class.

Texas massage therapists receive 7 hrs of massage therapy continuing education credit.

  • Introduction To Cheng
  • The Cheng Principles
  • The History Of Cheng And How It Has Evolved
  • Your Cheng Lineage
  • The Three Degrees Of Cheng
  • The Cheng Attunement
  • The Attunement Integration Period
  • Issues In Cheng On Others
  • Texas Legal Issues For Therapeutic Touch
  • Giving A Cheng Session
  • Treating Acute Cases and Emergencies
  • Cheng For Animals
  • Other Cheng Uses
  • Code Of Ethics For Cheng Practitioners
  • Using In A Professional Practice
Supplemental Reference Materials:
  • Hand Positions For Self-Healing
  • Hand Positions For Treating Others
  • Basic Chakra Balancing Technique
  • Human Organs, Front View
  • Human Organs, Back View
  • Basic Overview of the Human Organ Functions
  • The Primary and Secondary Chakras
  • Characteristics and Functions of the Primary Chakras
  • The Human Aura
  • Organ Structure of Cats
  • Organ Structure of Dogs