Commonly Asked Questions About PathFinder Cheng Classes

What happens after I submit my registration?

As soon as your registration and payment are received you will receive a personal confirmation of your place in the class and of receipt of your payment.

Normally, you should receive confirmation the day your registration is received. If you provide your email address on the registration form, you will receive confirmation by email. If you do not supply an email address, you will receive a telephone call.

What should I do if I don’t receive confirmation?

If you do not receive confirmation within 48 hours of online registration or within 3 days from the date of postal mailing, please call Carrie Laymon at 713-154-2185 to check on the status.

Some ISPs and spam blocking software automatically block mail from those not in your address book, or may dump legitimate mail into your “junk mail”, “bulk mail”, or “trash” folder. You may need to check your junk mail folder before deleting those items to see if your response was diverted from your inbox.

PathFinder email will always be clearly identified in the subject line and by the sender as coming from Mary Lewis and/or PathFinder.

If you did not receive an expected confirmation by email, please call rather than emailing to check on the status. If you didn’t receive an email to begin with, there may be a problem with this mode of communication for some reason.

What if I take Master Practitioner for Level 3 and then decide I want to teach?

This is not a problem. If you take Master Practitioner and later decide you want to teach, you can take the Master Teacher course as well.

In this case, since most of the material is the same, you can apply your previous payment toward the Master Teacher class and pay only the remaining difference.

I work on weekends. Are PathFinder classes available during the week?

Yes. All advertised pre-scheduled classes are held on weekends, but special class dates and times can be arranged to meet your schedule if necessary. Call Mary at 713-154-2185 to discuss your options.

Saving money with the discounts sounds good, but is it a good idea to take the classes together as an intensive?

It sometimes is recommend that people allow at least a month between classes unless they have had experience with energy work. However, this greatly depends on the individual. Many people do fine with the intensive, while others need, or prefer, more integration and practice time between classes.

Call Mary at 713-154-2185 if you have questions or would like assistance in choosing what is right for you.

What if I sign up for an intensive and then decide after the first day that it is too much for me?

If you feel at the end of Level 1 that you really need to wait, you can transfer your registration for the Level 2 class to a future date.

Before you sign up, however, please be considerate and sign up with the intention to complete. Last minute changes sometimes may impact upon others in the class.

What is the attunement and why do I need this?

The Cheng attunement is an energetic process that greatly opens and expands your energy centers and infuses your energy field with Cheng’s vibrational frequency.

The energetic expansion also greatly increases your awareness and ability to feel and use the energy in healing work. With each level, the expansion increases your vibrational frequency and the amount of Cheng energy that you are able to channel through you.