Energy Healing Sessions

All services are tailored to your personal needs in the moment.

PathFinder skillfully integrates a variety of specialized energy healing techniques to create a unique healing experience for each individual at each session.

An environment has been created in which you can feel fully supported and safe to release all of your worries, stress, and cares. As you rest in a womb of harmonious life-force energy, you may feel sensations such as warmth, lightness, or drowsiness. Those who slip into a deep meditative state may see colors, light, or images, or may experience new awareness or clarity on situations or life experiences.

Energy healing sessions are done with you lying fully clothed in a comfortable, relaxed position on a massage table. PathFinder’s techniques work only with your energy field and do not include physical bodywork, movement, or tissue manipulation in any way.

“Mary, thank you again for all the wonderful King energy and the amazing Reconnection. I really feel like I am blossoming even more than I realized I could. Whoo-wee!”
—Roy, TX
About The Healing Session Options

Regular Sessions: The total appointment time for an energy healing session is around 75 minutes.Intake Session: Although not required, a 90-minute initial intake session is recommended for new clients who would like extended time to more fully discuss chronic conditions or complex challenges. This allows a more thorough understanding of your history and goals, and provides a baseline to monitor your ongoing progress. Regular clients also may request an extended visit when they would like time for extra discussion.

Distance Sessions: Distance sessions are available for all healing work except for the full, personal Reconnection. While Reconnective Healing can be done by distance, The Reconnection must be done in person.