Group Energy Healing Circles

Your Place To Just “Be”

Energy Healing Circles

Receive nurturing, healing energy for only $25

In this peaceful, nurturing space, there is nothing you must do, nothing for you to believe, nothing for you to think about.

Relax; turn off your mind; let go of your stress. Just “be here now” and simply absorb peaceful, loving life force energy and light from the Divine Source.

To begin, we sit in a circle and relax from the day’s stresses and tension. With a brief meditation, we breathe gently, connect with the heart center and the light of our Divine Source. For the remaining time (approximately 40 minutes), you receive healing life force energy.

As with all energetic healing, you will receive whatever healing, comfort, balance, or transformation you need in the moment. Experiences of attendees have included physical healing, profound relaxation, a sense of comfort and well-being, and enhanced ability to accomplish specific goals.

Try It — You’ll Like It!