About The Life Purpose Consultation Process

In this consultation, the life purpose portion of your numerological profile is used as the foundation for fruitful discussion. This number identifies with amazing accuracy your primary gifts, challenges and issues. However, rather than being a “reading”, an interactive discussion is held on how these aspects have applied within your specific life. Helpful feedback suggests ways you might overcome your challenges, what it means to use your gifts to their highest potential, and how you might use this information within your life, currently and in the future.

People report a variety of benefits depending on their situation or level of self-awareness. Benefits may include:

  • Validation of a life direction you already are feeling led toward
  • Insights on why certain situations, patterns or issues appear in your life
  • Discovery of gifts you didn’t realize you have
  • More self-confidence from learning you have been fulfilling aspects of your life purpose for many years
  • New perspectives on your life’s meaning and how to overcome your challenges

If you want a specific job or career path identified, or if you are looking for a “life coaching” approach to establish concrete goals or steps for a specific career process, this consultation is not for you. However, if you are open to insights and to viewing your life within a more wholistic, universal picture, you likely will find it helpful in many ways.

Not Living Near Austin?

If you live too far from Austin to schedule an in-person consultation, contact Carrie to schedule your session by phone.

Simply schedule your consultation time with Carrie; make your payment online; and Carrie will call you at your appointed time.