Meet Reese—PathFinder’s Youngest Client

Meet Reese—PathFinder’s Youngest Client

Picture of baby Reese at 10 weeks old

Reese’s Birth

Reese (Welsh for “ardent one”) was born March 1, 2006, appearing as a healthy 7 lb, 9 oz baby girl. However, at two days old, her pediatrician detected a heart murmur. Further testing revealed a rare type of congenital heart defect called AV Canal Defect. This is a combination of a hole in the wall dividing the heart’s upper chambers, a hole in the wall separating the heart’s lower chambers and abnormalities of valves inside the heart.

Needless to say, in addition to a great abundance of love and attention, the beginning of Reese’s life was filled with multiple medications, needles, medical procedures, physical discomfort, and occasional hospital stays. She would need surgery to patch and repair her heart as soon as possible. In addition to the amazing life-saving medical technology now available, Reese’s parents also heard about PathFinder and wisely chose complementary energy healing for holistic support throughout her arduous process.

The Energy Healing Process

When I first saw Reese in my office, she was ten weeks old. She was tense and fidgety from both the difficulties of her condition and painful acid reflux. Her mother placed her on my massage table and maintained physical contact with her throughout her session.

Reese At 10 Weeks


The general intent of this first healing was to clear the cellular memory of the stress and trauma her Being had undergone since birth; to ease her current distress; and to boost her strength for the medical procedures she soon would have to face.

Within about fifteen minutes of channeling Reiki for her, Reese suddenly gave a deep sigh and her whole body relaxed as though she had fully released tension for the first time. Her fidgeting stopped, her rapid breathing noticeably slowed, her eyes closed, and she drifted off, continuing to absorb the Reiki energy. After 30 minutes, it was clear that she had received all she needed at that time.

After her session, Reese’s mother obtained the Bach flower essence formula Rescue Remedy, which she planned to apply to Reese’s skin daily. This would assist with her stress and help to counteract the future accumulation of traumatic cellular memory. Because, in this case, I would not be able to see Reese again in person, I also structured an energy grid to send her Reiki healing 24/7 until it became clear this support was no longer needed.

Two weeks later, I learned that Reese was scheduled for her heart surgery on May 31. Because I could not be near her at this time, we arranged for Reese’s mother to call me as soon as she came out of surgery. As soon as I received this call, I began a distance Reiki session for Reese from my home. The general intent of this session, again, was to immediately clear and prevent cellular memory of the trauma and to boost her natural healing process.

Because Reese appeared to be doing very well, I did just one more distance session the morning after her surgery but continued to keep her grid generating Reiki for her 24/7.

The Outcome: Very Good News

After the first session in my office, Reese’s mother reported that she was comfortable enough to sleep through the night for the first time and, in many ways, she appeared less stressed despite her ongoing physical challenges.

During the first few days after her surgery, various medical personnel continued to express amazement at how well Reese was doing. Everyone said they should make her their model “poster child” for how this surgery is intended to work.

Reese’s First Birthday

The first day, a nurse warned Reese’s mother that she could expect Reese’s body to be much more swollen the next morning. However, to everyone’s amazement, she turned out to be much less swollen.

By June 29, 2006, Reese was laughing, sparkling, and finally “growing like a weed” as her little body began to quickly make up for lost time in eating and growth. Her key four-week post-op visit with her surgeon went like a dream. Because this check-up was a strong indicator of how well she will do long-term, it appears that Reese is now on track for the wonderful life she deserves. On March 1, 2007, she celebrated her first birthday.

This page is dedicated with much love to little Reese. You go girl!