The Reconnection

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about Reconnective Healing The Reconnection is a process that makes a complete reconnection of your foundational energetic structure.

This structure is comprised of over 100 energetic points and axiatonal lines, including those that connect you, as an individual, to the energetic grids of the Earth, the universal field, and the divine blueprint of your being in its perfect state.

The Reconnection allows you to access and use the full range of tools available to reach your highest potential and possibilities. This greatly accelerates your path toward higher consciousness and fulfillment of your life purpose.

This process includes all of what some other methods do in pieces (such as DNA activation; axiatonal alignment; grid realignment, etc).

This is a 1-time only, 2-session process, that propels you onward and works for you in many ways for the rest of your life.

Commonly Reported Experiences After The Reconnection

“Wow! That Reconnection is amazing! I am feeling better than ever. I am finally moving on from the fear-based feelings I had, and am more centered. I am finding that my path is easier to find.”
—M.T., San Marcos, TX

While each individual’s specific situation is different, the following general results commonly are reported by most people:

  • Life is “just easier”. No matter what is happening, things are more calm, peaceful, and easier to manage.
  • Intuitive abilities are greatly expanded and enhanced.
  • Persistent challenges of the past are gone, or greatly reduced.
  • A feeling of finally “getting on track”, or having more clarity on your life path and purpose.
  • A feeling of being strongly “grounded” and present in the physical world.

Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection were founded by Dr. Eric Pearl who, for 12 years, maintained a highly successful chiropractic practice in Los Angeles. In 1993 he discovered that he had become a conduit for an energetic frequency that was suddenly providing seemingly miraculous healing results for his patients. Through a series of events and experiences, he developed Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection.

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