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Beautiful, inspirational greeting cards by life lites

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Over many years Kristen Herrington has combined her intuition and creativity to design an extensive line of inspirational greeting cards.

Her background and training in fine arts, psychology, and Reiki give her the ability to eloquently express universal aspects of the soul through her remarkable graphics and writing.

Through her company, life lites, Kristen offers a variety of original ideas and graphic styles to represent foundational issues in our lives.

Her integration of philosophy and theosophy with the most down to earth elements of daily existence never fail to touch the deepest levels of the soul in magnificent ways.

PathFinder is pleased to offer Kristen’s extraordinary selection of cards.

Card Specs

All cards are high resolution laser prints on glossy or matte (artist’s choice) card stock. The interior is blank so you can include your own thoughts and salutations.

Finished sizes are 5″x7″; 7″x5″; or 5″x5″ according to the design.

Cards are sold with a 5-card minimum order. However, individual cards may be ordered from various groupings and combined in whatever quantities you wish as long as your total order includes at least 5 cards.

Shipping and Tax

Shipping is free within the United States. Cards will ship via USPS within 3-4 business days of your order. Sales tax is added when applicable for Texas residents.

sarah-soul_smallPersonal Soul Mandalas
Commission for the creation of your individual soul mandala also is available.
Uniquely personal, your one-of-a-kind mandala reflects the beauty and essence of your soul.


If you have questions regarding an order or payment, please contact Kristen Herrington at life lites.

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