Birthday Cards – G013

5-card set – $15
Birthday 6
your essence inspires and enlightens with joyful grace, light, and beauty, blessing each being within your presencemy heart and soul sail with gratitude, wonder, and love for the benediction of your spirit in my lifenamasteBirthday 2
birthdays keep coming year after year,times of good fortune, times of good cheer.

in thinking back over those you remember,

may this be your very best birthday ever!

Birthday 4
from bursts of light you entered this orb, sparks citing your unfolding presencethe glow of illumination emanates from your essence, eliciting warmth in the hearts of all you meetyou bless this sphere with the luminescence of your life through all your days and nights; you glorify my being with the grace of your presencenow celebrate the brilliance of you!

Birthday 8
peanut hay and biscuits, arias and choirs

lullabies and willows, hospitality and gatherings

dreams and duties, life renewed, embraced, celebrated

spirit of love present in you

Birthday 10
seasons progress year after year

moving ever faster through the passage of time

celebrations stand as markers of our place in the world

the pounding of seconds, minutes, hours, press the spirit to experience all things

entirely, extensively, exhaustively, to extol the now

happy birthday!