Birthday Cards – G014

5-card set – $15
50th Birthday
the echo of your being resonates thru eternity, shifting the energy of now, surrounding the essence of life, celebrating the joy of opportunity in love, in being, within and without the oneyou’ve come from the stars to grace us with your presencefor this blessing we are truly grateful

happy 50th birthday!

Birthday 3
birth begins the quest, reaching for reality through the interminable mist amidst the illusion annually engaging in the ecstasy of celebration of constancy and continuance

another milestone of growth, of change, of survival surpassed; shared revelry of existence well savored in every present moment; enchantment in the euphoria of being now

happy birthday!

Birthday 5
bountiful beauty
delightful demeanor
maternal magnificence
caring compassion

blessed being throughout time treasured

Birthday 7
layer upon layer, year after year, you have built your life in the twirling mystery of the tangible and the transcendentit is we who are gifted with awareness of your grace, wisdom, devotion, refinement, and eminence in our lives – the lives of we who love you

happy birthday!

Birthday 9
little girl plays in the dirt
young woman nurtures her children
mature matron welcomes friends and strangers

life moves through times of excellence and accomplishment

another year completed; another year begun; graceful beginnings to life’s present moments; laughter and love arise daily

happy birthday!

may the coming year offer all of your hopes and dreams fulfilled