Family Events – G017

1Anniversary1AnniversaryWe reached for each other all those years ago, deeply and purelyWith love and hope in the dreams of our hearts we joined with each other, drawing strength and courage to spark the creation of family and futureWe faced with each other all the ecstasy and endeavors of our lives together

Through all the stages of our lives we have loved each other well, and we have more to come with each other, more challenges more growth more joy

Thank you for the life, for the love for our world together

Father’s DayFather Day

Architect of life, designing care, constructing support, for family and futureDraftsman of wisdom, drawn with consideration, and concern, offered with loveDirector of dreams, responsibly crafted, guided with grace, gifted to all petitioners

Builder of being, father of the fortunate, bountifully blessing with love from spirit

Ideal gentleman, ideal gentle man, benevolent charm, exemplary existence Father

BabyBaby day

Girl or boy? it matters not — both are equal blessings.Both greet their lives with screaming glee and waken all that’s sleeping.Memories of our own young lives we see in the infant’s gaze and remember how we lived in time within our younger days.

Congratulations on the new joy entering your life!


You found each other through the maze of strangers and friendsYou built with each other your dreams of life togetherNow you commit to each other for your futures, for your family, for your days and nightsFacing the world together now you honor each other in your uniqueness, in your wholeness, in your being together

Now you continue helping each other, finding more of each individual by being together

Now you construct your lives together from the building blocks of your love for each other

May your lives be ever full, blessed, and enriched through time together

MotherhoodThe tender embrace of motherhood grows wings of confidence to sustain the flights of lifeMotherhood