Family Events – G018

Anniversary 2Anniversary3You enrich my life every day we’re togetherWe build our lives out of the blocks of our experiences — out of time, out of adventure, out of continuous encounters with each other, with the worldWe come together and blend through time through the eras of change and growthWe extend and connect meshing and merging, creating our own unique sphere through our exchange of love

Thank you for the glorious experience of life together; i know together we’ll continue to grow and endure throughout all time

Father’s Day 5Father's Day 53

My father is so tall he can hear the clouds whisper rain long before the first drop falls

My father’s eyes are so blue he murmurs waves of joy and love in the oceans of his smile

My father is so smart he harvests the fruits of his wisdom as the world waits on his opinion

My father is a creator of drawings and inventions of hopes and dreams of his children’s lives

My father is my hero, my first love, my daddy

WeddingWedding55Souls meet, merge, join together in the perfect union of spiritsEmbracing each other in the challenge of combining, in life, in love

The joy of greeting tomorrow in the coupling blesses each moment now and always

BirthBirth55We waited, contemplated, anticipated your arrivalTrusting, praying, believing in your safe and timely emergence

Your existence the fulfillment of desires and dreams, for family for future — the contemplated completion of considered care

Gracing surroundings with cries and coos, the beckoning of beginnings embodied in your being

Welcome to our world precious one! welcome to our lives; welcome to our love; welcome to our home and our hearth

You are our haven of hope, our heaven

Mother’s DayMother's Day55Maternal love is the bright light of love,Of warmth,

Of nurturing,

Of protection in a chaotic world