Favorites – G005

Hope Flows

hope flowsHope flows not through our doors and windows closing and opening, but in the act of passage through the possibilities.


ThreadsEach experience in life is an expression an impression a thread uniting all in the fabric of creation.


SecondsEvery second of life is a drop in the streams, lakes, and oceans of humanity.


crystalline tendrilsCrystalline tendrils encircle projecting vigor protecting the psyche

Moving and modulating with energetic undulations engaging souls in the distinct dance of presence


dreams unrealizedDreams unrealized cause the being, the ego, the me, to fade into nothingness where there might have been everything

There might have been a lifetime of hope unabashedly present, yet nothingness has a form of its own

A wholeness, a completion, unexpected, differing from the dream in all aspects

But perhaps a dream of its own, realized by surprise letting go of one releasing into another, forced, accepted, resigned to, celebrated