Favorites – G008

AngelsangelsMay angels soften each step you take.May angels support you through all your days and nights.

May angels bring light to every aspect of your being.

May angels surround you with all the love of the universe now and forevermore.

Matterattain-enlightenmentMatter matters not

Within the nothing is everything

The heart of heaven abides in the vacant infinity between the tangible of everything

Live from the void, inhabit oblivion, attain enlightenment

HorseLife-movesOnce a decision is made, momentum seizes existence

Life moves, shifts, alters, in constant, consistent change, inviting the increase of possibility in all things

Do not fear the sweeping motion of the rhythm of the energy in its progress through mortality

Accept the expansion that it offers

StarsstarsInside the amorphous aura, within the chaos of change,

Order is found in brilliant stars of ecstasy

VinesthrivingVines and threads, bounding round about, in and out

Emerging, rallying growth, newness, finesses and tickles all senses and essence

Decaying flora makes way for life flourishing, thriving, being