Favorites – G009

Body, Mind, Heart Spirit

Body, Mind, Heart SpiritNot body, mind, spirit, but body, mind, heart, spirit,

For it is through the heart that we understand the divine; it is through the heart that the diving speaks to us

It is through the heart that we find our own divinity


casting our future seeds
We live our lives through the winding paths casting our future seeds

In this moment today, sow the seeds of gratitude, of compassion, of love

Harvest this day in the joy these crops perpetually bring


vortexSometimes life feels like it’s swirling out of control in a vibrating vortex of pain, of change, of questions twirling around

All we know and don’t know shifting through who we were, who we are, who we want to be, moving in and around all that is in life

When you’re vibrating through life’s changes, don’t forget – there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel


InnocenceGreat wisdom may be found in a life of awe, simplicity, guilelessness

Once we reach back to our original state of unadulterated trust, naïve acceptance, unbridled faith in the one, we become free to experience spirit in all things

May the blessings of naivete and wonder surround every moment of your life


stormThere’s an electrical feeling that happens during the storm, before the lightening crashes through

It’s a feeling of anticipation, something different, unique, exciting is about to happen

And from that occurrence new life will begin with each drop

The storms in our lives teach us so much; let us learn from their energy crashing into our beings