Gratitude/Thank You Cards – G003

StarYou are the star in my life
There are people who shine and flow with grace and love in every move they make

These people create joy with their presence in every life they encounter

These people are a constant blessing in the lives of all they meet; they are stars who shine for all to see

You are the star in my life; thank you for being my blessing

Thank YouThank You

Thank you

In the still of the evening as the day comes to a close, we review and recognize the benefit of all the offerings faithfully presented to us

Thank you for gracing my life with the blessing of your consideration, of your time, of you

Gratitude 2Gratitude 2
Gratitude opens the heart to love, to life, to joy

When we recognize blessings abound in all things within and around every aspect of life,

We open to all, to spirit, to the one, to everything, to wholeness, we are complete

My spirit soars with gratitude and love

For beauty, for life, for you