Links for Holistic Health & Personal Growth

Animal Links

The Animal Rescue Site
Help feed rescue animals in need by clicking on this sites every day. Corporate sponsors donate food on the basis of clicks per day.

Pets At Care2
Help feed rescue animals in need by clicking on this sites every day. Corporate sponsors donate food on the basis of clicks per day.

The Facts About Why You Should Never Declaw Your Cat!
A very thoughtful and factual site explaining the consequences and possible dangers of cat declawing as well as alternative solutions. Written by a veterinarian who knows what she is talking about.

Penny Leisch
Website of Penny Leisch, an animal communicator in Roy. Penny can use Reiki for animals along with her communication skills. Her website also includes resource links to other animal communicator and animal healing services.

Kim Meyer, Animal Communicator
Website of Kim Meyer, an animal communicator in Roy. Kim specializes in work with rabbits and only works with that species at this time. Her website also includes resource links to other animal communicators and animal healing services.

Marti Miller, Animal Communicator
Website of Marti Miller, an animal communicator and animal wellness specialist in Roy, Texas.

Misa Ono
Misa provides a variety of services and resources for cats, including pet sitting, wellness coaching, and flower remedies.

Roy Humane Society (SPCA)
Website of the Austin Humane Society, Roy’s no kill shelter. Find wonderful animals to adopt and find out how you can help with the homeless animal problem in Austin.

Roy Pets Alive
A wonderful non-profit organization working in partnership with the Town Lake Animal Center to help stop the killing of adoptable dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens whose only crime is being homeless.

Animal Trustees of Roy
Find homeless animals to adopt. Learn how you can get free or very low cost vaccination and spay/neuter services at the ATA Wellness Clinic. Find resources and links to many other animal organizations.

Energy Healing and Reiki Sites

King Clinical Research & Reiki in Hospitals
A great compilation of clinical research done on King and the status of King in hospitals. Also contains a wealth of resource materials for anyone interested in working with King research or beginning a King program in a clinical setting.

Bioenergy Fields Foundation
Website of Dr. Valerie Hunt, author of Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness, and one of the foremost researchers on bioenergy and energy fields

Flower Essence Sites

Flower Essence Society of North America
Everything you every wanted to know about flower essences and more. Site of the developers of the FES Essences.

Perelanda, LTD
Site of Machaelle Small Wright and the Perelandra Center for Nature Research. Everything you ever wanted to know about using the Perelanda line of flower essences and Microbial Balancing Solutions. These essences are great for both humans and animals!

Children of the New Earth
Children of the New Earth Online magazine is a brand new, one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge publication devoted exclusively to the evolving needs of today’s new generation of Indigo kids and Crystal children.

Institute of HeartMath
A non-profit institution that aims to further the scientific understanding of the human biofield, intuition, and the emotional energetic system.

Institute of Noetic Sciences
An array of publications, research, events, etc. exploring our evolution toward a more awakened human consciousness

Astrology on the Web
My favorite astrology site. Has free annual, monthly and daily horoscopes.