Flower Remedy Consultations

Flower Remedy Consultations

The flower essence consultation begins with a comprehensive analysis of your issues, concerns and goals.

PathFinder then will help you determine priorities and select the remedies most appropriate for your initial work.

Rather than having to buy bottles of remedies, you will receive a custom blend of essences based on the results of your analysis. Your essences are included in the cost of your visit.

Your initial blend of remedies normally is taken from 2-4 weeks. You will receive an interim email or telephone check-in to see how you are doing during this time.

When you complete the initial mix, you can get a re-supply to continue the same blend, or complete a follow-up monitoring visit for adjustments to it.

Services are available for Bach, FES and Perelandra essences.

Initial analysis and consultation:
$90: includes analysis and essences

Remedy re-mixes without consultation:
$5: small bottle
$10: large bottle

Follow-up visit:
$35 with essences included

Debit & credit card processing is NOT available at the office. Please bring cash or a check. If you need to use a debit or credit card, you must pay online with PayPal before your session.


Create balance and enhance your personal growth work
Create emotional and psychological well-being
Receive objective analysis and guidance on choosing the best formula for your needs
Get help in setting essence priorities
Get a custom blend of essences just for you
Monitor your progress and get  essence supplies as needed
No retail sales. Essences are blended for you and included in your visit.
Save money by not having to buy essences you need only for a short time