Reconnective Healing

reconnection_book_cover What is Reconnective Healing®?
Reconnective Healing® is a new and very powerful high frequency energy that carries light and information from “The Field”. It works very deeply at a quantum, inter-dimensional level to facilitate balance and healing of body, mind, emotion and spirit. It facilitates reconnection of your current Being with your energetic template as it was perfectly designed.

Reconnective Healing® facilitates rapid, permanent change that continues to work for you as appropriate for the rest of your life.

How does Reconnective Healing® compare to other energy healing methods?
It works more directly with the core electromagnetic connections of the body and being at all levels. Besides being a very high frequency vibration, it is the most expansive energy I have ever encountered.

It seems to go more directly to the core origin of issues and imbalances rather than using the “onion peeling” method of clearing layers from surface to core. Therefore, in most cases, it seems to work more rapidly and usually requires fewer sessions. When the core origin is effected, everything above it shifts into realignment more quickly. This facilitates both rapid results and unfolds long term as appropriate to your life path.

It is very grounding as well as very expansive. Reconnections are made with the Earth’s electromagnetic grids as well as at expansive levels of The Field. This can help us more easily apply our highest gifts and potentials in the physical world

How many Reconnective Healing® sessions will I need?
Although not required, it is recommended that you initially be open to trying up to 3 sessions. While each session is unique, people often report a more profound change around the time of the 3rd session.

What you would like to accomplish also is a determining factor. If you are satisfied after 1-3 sessions—or if you do not feel tangible results by the 3rd one—you may want to wait and allow things to further unfold. You might wish to choose additional sessions if a new situation arises or if you experienced good results but feel you can further benefit.

You do not need regular sessions to maintain the results you receive. You will continue to experience benefits in the way that is most appropriate for you and your life path.

The Reconnection

What is The Reconnection™?
The Reconnection™ is a completely different process than Reconnective Healing®. While Reconnective Healing® works to correct imbalances causing a particular dis-ease or life challenge, The Reconnection™  is a full process that makes a complete reconnection of over 100 energetic points and axiatonal lines. It fully connects your personal energy grid with the Earth’s electromagnetic grid, the universal grid, and the perfect divine blueprint of your being.

The Reconnection™ re-establishes the direct lines of connection to your highest potential and  possibilities. It greatly accelerates your life path toward fulfillment of your life purpose.

This is a 1-time only, 2-session process, that propels you onward for the rest of your life.

It makes complete, full reconnections of the entire being, including what some other methods do in pieces (such as DNA activation; axiatonal alignment; grid realignment, etc)

The Reconnection™ is especially great for those who are ready to accelerate their life path and live to their highest potential.

Where did these methods originate?
Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection™ were founded by Dr. Eric Pearl who, for 12 years, maintained a highly successful chiropractic practice in Los Angeles. In 1993 he discovered that he had become a conduit for an energetic frequency that was suddenly providing seemingly miraculous healing results for his patients. Through a series of events and experiences, he developed Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection™. The full story can be found in Dr. Pearl’s book The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself.

My personal Reconnection experience

A Reconnection Story