Creating Your Ideal Life–Why Does It Take So Long?

by Mary Lewis

Are you one of those people who just took the latest hot seminar on creating financial abundance and the next week lost your job? Do you read all the latest books on how to plan, visualize, or otherwise create your life only to find that things just get more and more complicated? If so, you’re not alone.

Relax and know that both your techniques and the universe are working in perfect order. The key is to understand that to create what we desire, we first must remove any obstacles in the way.

Some obstacles, which may be conscious or subconscious, include self-sabotage mechanisms; conflicting feelings about what we really want; self-esteem issues; fear; expectations inconsistent with our life purpose; or the fact that we simply are getting ahead of what is currently needed for our soul’s growth.

As we relax, expand our awareness and release control to our inner self, we begin to see the larger patterns that show us how we are moving continuously toward the things we desire at all times.

The perfect job is just around the corner, but we may not be in the right place to receive it until the old one has gone. Our perfect life partner is looking for us, too, but we may not meet him/her if we still are immersed in another relationship. Or perhaps we haven’t yet grown enough to recognize that person if we actually met them at a different time on the path.

Life is an adventure and there are no accidents. Each moment is leading us to the highest expression of all that we are. Be patient, listen to your inner voice and know that failure does not exist.